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Write For Us and Be a Contributor for Buzz of the Hour!

Be a contributor for bringing a change! If you’re looking for a platform to publish your original content, then you’re at the right place! At Buzz of the Hour, we are looking for professionals and passionate writers who have a knack for writing unique and strong content, have perfect grammar, punctuation skills, and strong vocabulary. The guest blogger who can write content in a way that is informative, compelling, and alluring enough to grasp the reader’s attention. He/she doesn’t shy away to share their best ideas and strategies with us. Also should be an inquisitive soul who is always open to learn new things and have clarity of mind. If you think you possess all the aforementioned skills, then we would be delighted to have you on board as our guest blogger. We are solely looking for fresh content that is unique, innovative, and relevant to be able to move the avid readers. If you’re primarily interested in getting your work published on a reputed platform and your high-quality and well-written content to reach masses, then be a part of our Buzz of the Hour Contributor program.

Select a topic of your choice! Guest Bloggers can write on any subject related to –

  • Health
  • Education
  • Sport
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Food
  • Travel

Benefits for Content Contribution:

  • If you come on board with us as a contributor, you’ll gain immense exposure. Your words and creative imagination will get a platform.
  • While writing content for different topics, you’ll remain up-to-date, well-informed and educated about the latest trends and news stories.
  • Every piece of your written content will be promoted and appropriately optimized so that it can attract more traffic.
  • Don’t worry; your efforts will not go in vain. You’ll be given full credits for your work with a proper byline/author bio.

How It Works:

Write something Valuable: Write something that generally matters to you whether it is a blog, article or an opinionated content. It can either be short, or long entirely depending upon the demand of the content and your expression.

Publish your Content: Write high-quality content and earn a decent recognition and applause through our platform across numerous networks and channels

Get recommended to target Readers: Our in-house editorial team has years of expertise in content writing niche. If your well-written content meets our editorial standards, then we will highly commend your content to readers interested in the relevant topic.

Make your Content Reach Masses: Buzz of the Hour is the one-stop destination to publish your best work. You just emphasize on writing and leave rest on us. We strive to make sure that your work reaches to the interested audience. We are adept at spreading the words like MAGIC.
Writing Guidelines (Applicable to all writing styles)

Content-Length: Content must have 500 to 2000 words. It should be succinct and engaging but use short, concise sentences and paragraphs. Keep it Short and Simple!

Format: The content should be written in a direct, active voice or conversational style. Avoid using Idioms, and technical jargons. The content tone should be distinctive, informative, and educational.

Quality: The quality of content should be high and should not be biased at any cost.

Topic: Content must be related to Health, Education, News Stories, Sports, Political, Entertainment, Technology, Food, and Travel.

Links: From wherever you’ve curated the content, you can mention the necessary and authority Outbound Links.

Image: If desired, you can submit images correlated to the content you wish to publish. The image dimensions should be 640 pixels width by 426 pixels at height. Make sure the image is not copied from somewhere, and you’ve requisite permission to use it. The image should be cited with appropriate attributions and credits.

Plagiarism-free Content: Make sure all the content submitted is 100% plagiarism free and utterly unique and original. The piece of content should not be published elsewhere. We solely will have all the rights to publish your work.

Editing: If required, we reserve every right to proofread and edit the formatting and wording of your written content.

Circumvent: Avoid writing promotional content, and all the content should be comprehensively verified before submission. Keep your content Ad-free and don’t market yourself or some other writers.


Do you need to pay a membership fee for being a member or for publishing content?
No, being a member of Buzz of the Hour or getting your content published on our website does not require you to pay any fees.
Can I add to or remove my content, once it’s published?
Yes. You can add or remove any personal content if it’s already published. If you wish to edit any content that has already been published you have to adhere to the guidelines as mentioned.
Why did Buzz of the Hour create this Program?
We believe that it’s time to switch from typical broken media tradition of making revenue out of advertisements to getting a platform specifically designed for writers and readers. So we have built a special space for you where you can share ideas, knowledge and updates freely and readily.
Is Buzz of the Hour the right platform for getting my work published?
Yes, Buzz of the Hour offers right and justified recognition to your work. We take your content across different platforms and channels to be viewed and recommended by a wide range of people.

Ready to get in progress?
Kindly submit your piece of content to the editor at -[[email protected]]in order to get started as a contributor for the Buzz of the Hour. You’ll be notified as soon your content is published.