What Are The Reasons Behind Unprecedented Rise of Marital Split/Divorce Rates?

What Are The Reasons Behind Unprecedented Rise of Marital Split/Divorce Rates?

Major Divorce Reasons

Over the time divorce rates are increasing at an exponential rate even when marriages are considered to be most sacred of bonds and made in heaven. Every relationship goes through their share of ups and downs, and it solely depends upon the couple how they sail throughthe resilient time. There can be numerous factors that can be behind the split of marriages. It can either be infidelity, lack of communication, forced marriages, issues with in-laws, intimacy problem, independency of women, sham marriages, and extra-marital affair. Let’s have a look at the common factors that leads to the end of this lovely bond.

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Intimacy Problem

With the course of time, an intimacy between married couples disappears. Besides the physical aspect intimacy also nurtures the emotional side of the relationship. When the partners start feeling unloved or unappreciated, it triggers them to split their ways.

Extra-Marital Affair

Lack of love, happiness, communication and understanding in a relationship force a spouse to find a connection somewhere else. To find those missing things they get involved in an extra-marital affair. Cheating and affairs are a significant contributor to the increase in divorce rates. Once the other partner finds about the extra-marital affair of their spouse, they file a contested divorce.

Problem with In-Laws

Lack of adjustment in the family and acceptance issues with in-laws creates conflicts in the married life. Most of the breakdown of marriages are instigated due to the fights between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.

Lack of Communication

As it is said, communication is the key, and if the married couples don’t get it right, it leads to creating complications in their happily married life. When the couples are not able to easily communicate and understand each other perspectives,it results in mistrusts, suspicion, and these circumstances make it hard for them to survive in the relationship. All of this chaos ultimately leads to the end of the marriages.

Sham Marriages

When people get married not to form a long-term relationship, they just get married for a purpose and not to spend a life together. They just marry for some benefits such as money, marrying to stay in a foreign country. Also, another reason is the marriage of convenience, where two people are from the LGBT community. Once their purpose of getting married is achieved, they end up in a divorce.

Independency of Women

If independent and modern women are in an unhappy relationship, they don’t think twice before ending the marriage. Their independency in a financial, mental, social and physical sense makes them capable of taking a mutual consent divorce or contested divorce against their spouse without giving a second thought.

Forced Marriages

When the two people are brought together to tie the knot against their wish, it creates a mess in their life. Specifically, this happens in Arrange marriages when the man and women are forced to get married to each other. Ultimately after some time, they are left with no option than to get a divorce.

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