Undiscovered north east India

Undiscovered north east India


Today we are going to talk about Undiscovered north east India. The north east India consists of seven states: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya. Many people do not know these places quite well and neglected it. It has beautiful views, wonderful site seeing areas and some undiscovered places. Their culture is interesting to see and learn. It is very different and unique. Food habits are also different and unique making it stand out. Undiscovered north east India is a true treasure in its own sense. You may find undiscovered north east India beautiful. It is a wonderful site-seeing spot in India and One must visit these.

The beauty and sceneries in these places are beautiful and worth visiting. Undiscovered North east India is a treasure in the true sense.  Let us explore undiscovered north east India in detail.

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List of districts of Assam - Wikipedia

SOURCE: en.wikipedia.org

(1) Assam

The capital of Assam is Guwahati. This is divided by the Brahmaputra river. Most of the places here lie to the south of this river and North Guwahati is the part of the city on the north bank of the river. The land of Kamroop ( Assam) starts with a visit to a Beehive like Shikara , Kamakhya Temple. Lower part of the temple has beautiful panels and sculptures. Images of Lord Ganesha and Chamundeshwari are there. People do not worship Kamakhya as an Idol though.  Yoni’s sculpted stone image remains wet from the water of the natural spring and worshipped.

Lord Indira has built Soubhagya kund in the temple. Another pond, The bhavel kund is located in the south of the temple. It is famous for its big turtles. While trekking to the temple , you can see beautiful views on your way. You can also see Goddess Bhuvneshwari on the peak of Neelachal Parvat. You can take Taxi service from the temple to Neelachal parvat.

32 Best Tourist Places In Assam In 2020: The Charm Of The North-East!

Source: traveltriangle.com


It is present in North-west of Guwahati. Haigrab Madhav temple is located here. Here lord Vishnu is worshipped. It also an important site of buddhist pilgrimage. A kedarnath temple is also located here wherein Lord shiva is worshipped. Behind this temple, Ts0-mani Bhadra is located.

Places to visit

  • Assam state museum: You cannot miss visiting the this museum. It features walk-through displays of tribal villages, textiles and sculptures.
    79th foundation day of Assam State Museum on April 21Source: nenow.in
  • Assam state zoo: It is located 5Km from Guwahati station. You can find Assam famous one horn Rhino.
    Foundation Stone Laid for Wildlife Conservation at Assam State Zoo ...Source: www.sentinelassam.com
  • Boat ride: You can hire a motor boat for travelling through river. You can go to picnic to a secluded sand bank.
    Home - Adventure River Cruises IndiaSource: adventurerivercruises.com
  • Kazhiranga National park: It is a world famus tourist place. It is home to the rare Indian Rhinosorous.
    Why is Kaziranga National Park so famous?Source: nenow.in

Famous items to buy in Assam

  • Golden colored Moga silk: This is available at SualKuchi. It is 32Km to south of Guwahati. It weaved here.
  • Handloom and Handicraft: These things are very famous here. Locals here make beautiful handicraft items and you would want to buy it. It is available at Ambari , Pan bazaar. For traditional stufff, you can visit Silpa gram.
  • Assamese Clothing and footwear: You can buy their local products from Fancy bazaar.


It is located outside Guwahati. On its way, You can find Orang National park. It is located on the North Bank of the river and is a beautiful collage of trees as well as tall grasses. From this Rhinos appear occasionally.  This place also has big market of this region and is also a good place to take a walk along the river. The river is calm here and occupies a huge bed.

You can also spend a quite evening in the Chitralekha Udhyan. This is an enclosed park. Here you can find stone pillars dating to 10th century.

(2) Arunachal pradesh

You may also visit Arunchal pradesh in North East of India. It is a protected area and you all need to get an inner line permit to enter this place. This is a border area between India and China hence you will nee permit to visit the same. Come let us see some important places where you can go while in Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh | History, Capital, Map, Population, & Facts ...



It is located on the way to Arunachal Pradesh from Assam. You will reach this small hilltown at 8000 ft above sea level. It is a good place for a comfortable stopover. It has large army presence. There are two monasteries in this are. They are picture perfect above the town.  Monasteries have no fixed timings for visit.


It is located close to the borders of India-Tibet-Bhutan and rightly so  is an ideal place for go for walks. Specially around the villages, below the main town. The main attraction is The Tawang Monastry. This has a central court with good stones. It also has several other monastries. This town also has a war memorial to visit if you are interested in such places.


It is a fairly long ride from Tawang. It is a beautiful city surrounded by nature. You will feel incredible the atmosphere here because it has pure air and rich cultural past. It is a silent yet daunting challenge by the hills.

Major attractions here are as follows. Starting with Ganga lake, we will see further:

-Ganga lake: It is on of the perfect destinations to enjoy the nature at its best. Clear water, green vegetation , forest trees and orchids, you will be awestruck for sure. Boating facilities are available here.

-Ila fort: It means fort of bricks. Only a few brick walls are there for you to see. It is on top of a hill, valley view will leave you spellbound.

-Wildlife century: This place is home to antilobes , Langurs , porcupine and Himanalayn Black dears. For burd Watchers, this place is a beautiful and unique paradise. It has over 200 varieties.

-Namdapha national park: This is located in the himalayan ranges foothills. It is a tiger reserve and is India’s largest national park. The most unique feature here is the altitude ranging from 200 meters to 4500 meters. It will offer a totally different experience to you with wild species found here including tiger, himalayan black deer etc.


You may not wish to miss such a quaint hill station while visiting Itanagar. It is on the banks of Tenge river and remains unspoiled  by and large. It will provide you with absolutely beautiful sites of greenery and crisp mountain air. You must take a morning and evening drive to Rupa to see its beauty. Because this time the sun is at the horizon and trendy colors of the thick forest can be seen.

^Gompa Budhhist temple

The main feature of the temple is the yellow roof. You may find that the roof is contrasted by the greenery all around the shrine. It is located 3Kms from Itanagar city though Cab is the most convenient way for you to reach here.

(3) Nagaland

You can reach Dheemapur by road and Shortest distance to Nagaland is 55Kms from Itanagar.

Attractions of Nagaland

-Triple falls: You may go to this stunning triple falls to witness it flow down from the height of 280 feet to a natural pool. This area is maintained by the Nagaland Department of tourism. You may also do some trekking here as this is an ideal spot for the same.

-Dzukon valley and Japfu peak: It is located 25Kms south of Kohima. You may find that both these places offer magnificant and unbelievable landscapes. Japfu peak is at 10,000 feet above sea level and will provide you with the perfect view for the valley. You might know that the valley is the base of an old Volcano. The highest point in the valley is 8000 feet and will provide you with panoramic view.


150 kms from Kohima, you may reach Mohohchurs and find the Nagaland’s oldest tribes. It is located at the height of 4500 feet above sea level and is considered to be the capital of the nagas.

(4) Manipur

When you leave from Kohima, you may visit Imphal which is the capital of Manipur. It is about 136Kms from Kohima and you may reach there in about 2-3 hours.

Main attractions

-Loktak lake: It is the largest fresh water lake in the country, therefore you must visit. Though the lake is situated in the valley of imphal, it is starting point for all the rivers and streams that run through the state. This lake contains lots of organic wastes hence it has a floating island made of these wastes.

-Sengde dam: You must note that this is the highest mud dam in the world located 16Kms from Imphal.


(5) Mizoram

You may note that it is called as the Hills people land because it has an endless variety of landscapes and therefore rich flora and fauna. Its capital is Aizawl which is a beautiful place to visit.

-Durtlang hills: Once you reach Aizawl, this place is 5Kms from there. It is a popular attraction for you all which has panoramic view points of the state capital. You can engage in light trekking here and hence enjoy the journey.

-Varlawns falls: It is the highest waterfall in Mizoram and 13th highets water fall in the country, therefore you must visit.

-Hmuifang : It is an amazing hill station that you may visit as it is located 50Kms for Aizawl. It is known for its adventure, wildlife related activities and is a land of green forests and slopes. You may be surprise to know that it is untouched by human civilization.

(6) Tripura

You may note that is it the second smallest state and a state of great antiquity having ruled by the Maharajas for 1300 years before joining the Indian Union.  Agartala is the capital of Tripura , nevertheless it is equally picturesque.

Main attractions

-Royal Palace: It is situated at the heart of Agartala and the capital city is centred around the palace. You can witness this palace built in 1901 with its magnificant tiled floor , curved wooden carvings and much more. You may also find a small lake which is where the palace is located.

-Jampai hills: This place is also known as the Eteranal hills of spring and you may find pleasant climate throughout the year. These hills are very green and has tea plantations, orchids, oranges on the slopes which will provide you with a great view.

(7) Meghalaya

It is the “abode of clouds”and is home to Khasi, Jaintia and Garo tribes. You might also visit Shillong, the capital of the state as it is a beautiful hill station and often called the ” scotland of the east”. It also has Chirapungi which is known for its rain.

-Umiam lake: You may visit this lake when in Shillong. It is located 15Kms from Shillong and a mesmerizing man-made reservoir. The lake was formed after a dam was constructed to generate electricity. You may witness that the lake is surrounded by blush green east Khasi hills.

-Laitlum Canyons: It is located 21Kms from Shillong and is perched on the east Khasi hills. You might not have heard about it much as it is less explored but it is one of the most beautiful tourist-trekking destination. You may visit here is either during sunrise or sunset for best view.

-Police bazaar: You must visit this local market as it is the major market of Shillong. It is very popular with the locals and tourists alike. It has a array of restaurants, hotels and big brand shops and also has traditional handicrafts that you may wish to take back home.


We are all ready to spend lacks and visit foreign countries. But have you considered looking for beauty of our own country first? The undiscovered north east India is the proof that beauty lies within our country. All the seven sisters, as they are called, are nature’s gift to us. Nevertheless, the beauty of these states will never be enough for us to soak in. Visit to these places will not only freshen up our minds, but will make us proud of our nation.

Many places here are still undiscovered hence it is very important for us to visit there and promote this place. Though it is very essential to preserve the nature at its best state, we all must visit there to witness the same. We all must learn to appreciate the nature as it is. These states are untouched by the modernization and urbanization. You must visit these states, one by one and therefore experience heaven on earth.


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