Self love is essential for success!

Self love is essential for success!


Self-love is essential for success. We are human beings and we all need people around us. As they say, we are all social animals. But in the process of keeping others’ happiness ahead, we are losing ourselves. Are we not? Self-love is essential for success. Be it for family life or your career. You have to believe yourself to be able to do your tasks. Life is not a cake walk. We all know that by now I believe. It all depends on how much we are able to handle without breaking down. We need to understand the importance of happiness. Self-love is essential and let us see how.

Self-love: Defining it my way!

There was a time when I doubted everything I did. Be it singing a song, dancing, or anything. I never accepted myself as who I was. As I grew up I realized that people did not value me at all. They did not believe in me. That demotivated me even more. Slowly and steady, as life happened, I understood that people will believe in me when I will start believing myself.

According to me, self-love is acceptance towards yourself. You start accepting who you are. Your weaknesses, strengths, positive points, negative points; everything. It is more about how comfortable you become with yourself. There is no human being who does not change over time. Circumstances and situations change everyone. You should be able to love yourself in every phase of life. This may be because you know well why you did what you did.

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D0 it. Feel it.

It is not easy to love yourself through every phase of life. With whatever experience I have in these 24 years of my life, I can say this. You have to make constant efforts towards the same. Only person you are going to live throughout your life is YOU. Befriend yourself with utmost honesty. Like many of you out there, I never loved myself back then. Then I started making efforts towards it. I tried it, did it and felt it. If I can do it, so can you. Just make honest efforts for yourself. That is all is required. You will feel the difference.

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Points to be kept in mind

  1. Do it for yourself: You do not have to publicize your self-love. Don’t do it for social media, please!! Do it for your own sake. It is important for you. It is good to share your stories of self-love once in a while. Doing it only for the social media will do no good to you. For example, if you are writing great self-love captions but not applying it on yourself. What is the use of it then? No use.
  2. Be honest to yourself: You have to completely let yourself loose to your own self. Nevertheless, it may not be easy. Constant tries and efforts can make it better though! Things bother you the most when you start lying to yourself. Try honesty and it may work in your favor. The key is to trust yourself.
  3. Do what your heart says: It is very important to listen to your instincts. We get upset usually because people around us do not like what we are doing. For instance, I am writing this blog. There may be people who will criticize me. Many of you may not even like it. Will I stop writing because of these reasons? No. It is because I find happiness in it. Same way do what your heart says. Not what other people want you to do.
  4. Listen to everyone but you decide for yourself: It is not bad to take suggestions. Talk to your closed ones. Take their opinion on matters. Listen to them. Do not follow them blindly. You know the best for yourself. Think through those suggestions. Pick the right ones.
  5. Never regret anything: We are not some automated technology that cannot make mistakes. Everyone makes a mistake. It is absolutely fine. Never regret anything. It is okay to make bad choices. You learn from them.

Steps to self-love

  1. Accept yourself as you are: Stop complaining about yourself. Whether it is your small eyes or long nose, how you speak or how you behave, embrace yourself.
  2. Be with people who lift you: Stay around people who accept you as who you are. It is essential for your self-love. Be it one person. Spend quality time with them. They will lift your morale much above.
  3. Speak for yourself: There will be certain situations in which you will have to speak for yourself. No one can be there for you all the time. It is the harsh reality of life. You need to learn to live all by yourself. Start taking stand for what you truly believe in.
  4. Connect with yourself: There are ways to communicate to oneself. I do it through YOGA, Pranayam, and writing diary. You may find other ways to do the same. Whenever you are in doubt, answer your own questions by connecting with your soul. You need to understand the inner you. That will solve a lot of problems. No one can answer your questions more accurately than you, yourself. Trust your words and you will find all your answers.
  5. Think good: You need to think good for yourself first and then others. Keeping yourself first can never be tagged as SELFISH. Of course, think good for others too. The more positive you think, the more positive you become. I have experienced this in my own life. Hence, I can say that this trick works wonders.

Benefits of self-love

  1. Becoming more confident
  2. You are independent and strong enough to face the world.
  3.  Feeling positive about yourself


Self-love should never be an option. It is should be the utmost priority. When you start loving yourself, the way the world looks at your changes. They know you believe in what you do and they will start doing too. Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Pat yourself for everything good you do. Learn from your mistakes. Live your life with happiness.

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