Quarantine Edition Celebration: Have a Blasting Birthday Party Amid Lockdown & Social Distancing

Quarantine Edition Celebration: Have a Blasting Birthday Party Amid Lockdown & Social Distancing

Quarantine Edition CelebrationJust because social distancing has taken over our lives, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our birthdays. If you are someone whose birthday is coming anytime soon in Lockdown, then don’t get sad even for a minute. Obviously, this year is tough for everyone and it couldn’t be a party pooper for you. So, plan your virtual birthday party out. If you’re looking for an idea, stay with us throughout this blog to get some exciting ideas.You can still have a blasting and safe celebration at home and that too with your friends. Don’t worry; we would never suggest you to break social distancing and self-quarantine norms and ask you to invite your friends at home. But you can very well enjoy and celebrate your cake day or born day virtually. You can throw your birthday parties on FaceTime, Zoom and Google Hangouts instead of having it in an expensive cafe, bars, and banquet halls. Somehow, birthday parties have to be special, throwing a great party and feeling of having a festive dinner, lunch and desserts are altogether different on a special day.Also, cherish and enjoy something unique this time. Every year we used to have a big birthday celebration so this year try out something new. Celebrate your birthday with the closed ones and have an intimate birthday affair/celebration. After all celebrating Quarantine and Lockdown Birthdays are a new normal these days. Have a Blast!

Bake-a-TemptingBake a Tempting Cake at Home

So what if you can’t order a cake from outside; instead, you can make one at home. Check out the cake tutorials on YouTube as there are loads of easy-peasy recipes on the Internet. Cakes are a must for celebrations, and no party can ever be completed without them. No matter whether you bake a restaurant-style fancy cake or a simple cake after all you need something sweet to cut and to blow the candles. Do check out our cake recipe blog.

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Host-an-online-PartyHost an Online Party

You can host a spectacular virtual party and can invite your buddies and loved one’s to make your day more special. Send them an online invitation and schedule the cake cutting time and ask them to have a glass of soft drink of their choice so that you can share a virtual ‘Cheers’ with them. Though it won’t feel the same way as it used to be in person, but trust us,it will surely make your Quarantine Birthday special. Ask them to hit the dance floor on crazy tunes.

Host-a-netflix-birthday-partyHost a Netflix Birthday Party

Netflix can fit anywhere, feeling bored watch Netflix, feeling sad, watch Netflix, feeling happy watch Netflix or wants to celebrate a special day watch Netflix with your Pals. Trust us; nothing is better than Netflix. If you’re going to celebrate with your buddies andif you all love watching evergreen and most loved ‘Friends’ Sitcom, then what’s better than watching it on Netflix together and cutting your birthday cake on a video call with your real friends. Download the Netflix Play extension in Chrome, and your pals will be able to watch at the same time. By this way, you can synchronize video playback, and at the same time, you all can pause while cutting a cake.

Dress-up-and-get-glam-lookDress Up and Get Glam Look 

Common! You cannot wear PJs on your special day; you have to dress your best on a zee-day. Set a dress-up theme for your virtual party and dress accordingly. You can also dress up as per theme like Hollywood Glam, 90’s, rock ‘n’ roll and don’t forget to wear masks.

Video-MontageVideo Montage (Happy Birthday)

If your friend’s birthday is coming anytime soon during Lockdown and self-quarantine and you’re feeling sad because you can’t celebrate his/her birthday and even can’t send a birthday gift. But what you can do to make them feel special is you can make a montage video to make their dayspecial and celebrate it. All friends collectively can contribute personalized messages to add in that video. Also, friends can record individual birthday wishes for the birthday boy or girl.

Take-a-virtual-TripTake a Virtual Trip to the museum

On your special day, you can visit countries and that too from the comfort of your couch. You can even visit Disney Land virtually and take rides with your friends and family from the comfort of your home.

Create-an-acitivityCreate an activity Itinerary (For those who wants to have a good time but don’t want to celebrate)

If you want to have a great day but you don’t want to celebrate with friends in that case what you can do is plan a full-day out and have fun with yourself. Take out some time to soak up the sun or apply some facemasks and have a pampering day. Lie on a couch like a sack of potato and watch something of your choice and don’t forget to grab some popcorns. Do whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed. Just Chill and take a day off from everything.

Gaming-PartyGaming Party

There are so many multiplayer games out there which you can play with your friends and family online. You all on a video call can play Ludo, Scrabble and Monopoly. Nothing is excellent and better than having a game party. Also, you can consider using House party app it has a collection of multiplayer games like Heads Up and Pictionary.

Virtual-potluckVirtual Potluck 

All the foodie people can have a virtual potluck of their own, discuss the menu and share the recipes with each other. Once you get on a video call, start celebrating and have dinner or lunch together as nothing is more satisfying than food. Also, friends and families who eat together always stay together.

Have-a-breakfastHave a Breakfast Spread

It’s a saying Happiness lies in small things, so on your special day, transform your dining table into a buffet and add all the favorite items which you like eating in a breakfast. Whether it’s waffles, scrambled eggs, doughnuts, cereals, and sandwiches. But wait don’t fill your tummy, there is a day ahead, and you have to stuff your mouth with many other things, and not to forget the main birthday food item ‘Cake’.

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