Mystery of the Crystal

Mystery of the Crystal

This story is going to majorly depict mystery on the crystal……

The background of the story

Once there lived a family in the village of kallipuram, near Chennai. The  entire house was managed by a single mother  named  Savitri, who took care of her 3 children, two daughters named Sakshi and Meera, and one son named Vikram.

Since savitri was a single mother and also uneducated, the only source of revenue for the house was farming, they had a small piece of land on which, they used to grow crops and then after harvesting they used to sell them off to a trader named Ravi.

Ravi was a well know trader of Kallipuram, and the most funny part of Ravi’s attire was that he always used to wear these baggy pants with huge pockets, people always used to ask him about this, but he always had some funny excuses for wearing those pants, also he  was very friendly, helpful and for the villagers he was just like a Messiah.

Although Savitri was uneducated but she had a strong desire towards education, she always told the importance of Education to her daughters and son. Both Sakshi and Meera were very obedient and also always had a “Ready to Help” attitude towards their family. Sakshi being the eldest of all, used to help Savitri alot , from managing her school to helping savitri in farms and all other chores were commendably managed by Sakshi.


The Migration began


Years went by and now the entire village of kallipuram was moving towards modernization, and the entire village was been taken over by a big shot contractor to develop a big MNC.

Savitri was a bit skeptical about this decision of the villagers, as her only concern was the basic needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle was been hampered since her only source of revenue was farming, which was about to go for a toss. She appealed the Panchayat committee and was also against the decision of the fellow villagers, but her all efforts went into vein because the villagers were firm about their decisions and no one was ready to amend the same.

Ravi ( the trader) out of the blue came to the rescue of Savitri, he suggested her to go to Villipuri a small village which was just a few kilometres away from Kallipuram, he further affirmed and told her that, he will take care of her children as well, and she need not worry about the revenue etc, because she can continue the work of farming in Villipuri, because apparently his friend Akhilesh had few acres of land where he needed farmers.

Savitri convinced Sakshi to come along with them to Villipuri, but somehow Sakshi was a bit suspicious about this entire decision taken by her mother, still she had no option and the next morning, Savitri along with her three children went to Villipuri.

While travelling Sakshi observed few strange things on their way, she observed few saints chanting prayers loudly, also few ladies were creating nuisance on the road and they seemed to have been hypnotized  by someone. When they were just about to enter the Premises of the village, A man suddenly crossed their paths and he was murmuring something in Marathi Language which was unknown to Savitri.

Soon they reached to Akhilesh’s outhouse , their stay arrangements were made at the out house. The outhouse was closed with just a red thread(dhaga).

By looking at this, Savitri got really scared, meanwhile Akhilesh assured them not to worry, and even told them that this house was closed since a very long time, so these things are bound to happen. Suddenly  Vikram got excited to see the outhouse because it was not less than a Villa.


The Day When Sakshi found Crystal


After a few days, everything got settled. One day while playing cricket in the backyard, the ball flew towards an unknown place where there was a big hole,  Sakshi went there to pick the ball and noticed that there was a box hidden inside a deep hole, she got a bit confused and just took the ball from there in hurry and resumed playing with the siblings again.  The sight of that unknown hidden box was flashing before her eyes but she preferred to remain silent. The next morning when everyone was getting ready for school and Savitri was getting ready to visit the farms, Sakshi told her mom that she is unwell and would like to take rest at home.

Savitri agreed to this, and told Sakshi to take rest for the entire day. When everyone left, she quietly went to the backyard and tried to open the box.

She was surprised to see a Black Cloth, A Black doll having few pins pinned on it. The most prominent was a Crystal which was kept to hypnotize others. Sakshi knew something is very fishy and tried to investigate further. She started talking with the Villagers over there to know the story of the outhouse, Ravi and the crystal. Some replied, but many refused to talk about the Villa outhouse and Ravi.

That night when Sakshi returned home, she could sense something is weird. When she asked her younger brother about it, he turned around and hugged her and told, “Finally mom is gonna get back her happiness”, Sakshi couldn’t understand this and directly asked her mom about the reason for her happiness. Listening to the reply Sakshi was taken aback, in a husky tone, her mom replied,” I am getting married.”

With whom?, Sakshi immediately asked, to which, the younger one happily replied,”Ravi Uncle.”

Sakshi couldn’t believe this all! At night that day, when Sakshi was lying on her bed, tracing the facts about what could be the reason for such sudden change, because everything was happening in just a jiffy and literally Sakshi was feeling a bit zoned out as well..

Thinking about the same, she dozed off.

At around 3 am that night suddenly Sakshi heard some noises from the backyard, but she was so tired that she didn’t bother to wake up and slept again.

The next day, under the pretext of going for a morning walk, sakshi went to the same place again where she had found the box, and opened it……..

To her surprise only the “crystal”, which was the key instrument to hypnotize others was missing.. Suddenly she heard a motor bike barging in the premises of the out house, she kept the box back again and ran towards a tree to hide herself.  She could see a person coming towards the place where the box was hidden, and it was none other than RAVI (the would be husband to her mom). He kept the crystal back in the box and went away.

Sakshi was wondering what was wrong with Ravi, because till date she had only heard good things about him, even the villagers of kallipuram always praised him.

Later that night, a pandit( priest) came to their house to fix the date of the wedding. The pandit was also astonished to look at the kundlis, and told that the marriage has to taken place as soon as possible, because after 2 days there is a Bad Omen which would last for 2 years from now.

Everyone except Sakshi agreed to this, the night ended on a happy note and sweets and invitations were disturbed to the relatives.

Sakshi on the other hand took a note book and jotted down the points to trace the exact happenings around her.

Her points were as followed:-

  1. Moving from the Village,
  2. Ravi offering a helping hand
  3. Akhilesh being such a sweet person to give them the entire outhouse with all the facilities.
  4. Crystal in the backyard along with other black magic stuffs
  5. Realizing about the box, inquiring about the property to the fellow villagers
  6. Returning home that day, and all of sudden experiencing immense happiness which was hard to digest.
  7. Noticing Ravi keeping the crystal back in the box.

She couldn’t analyse even after thinking the entire night on it.


The Wedding Day


Just the night before the wedding, the Sakshi heard the same noise which she had heard the day when the marriage was announced in the house.

Quickly Sakshi got up from her bed and started walking towards the backyard, and she saw something very unusual over there. That sight was so horrifying that she just ran from there.


On the day of the marriage, Savitri was acting in a weird and unexpected way. She was just not being herself, only Sakshi could realize that, because when she discussed the same thing her siblings, they both refused to accept, any unusual change in their mom. Infact Meera, suggested Sakshi to relax for a while.

And now officially Savitri was Mrs.Ravi.

Later, that noon Sakshi really felt the need to take rest and dozed off after reaching home.

When she woke up in the evening, she could experience noise and hustle in the house, Both Meera and Vikram were packing bags, in the meanwhile, Savitri approached Sakshi and told her that Ravi had sponsored a full 5 night trip to all the children, and the destination was Chennai.

Sakshi refused to go, because on one hand she was restless to find out the reasons for her questions and on the other hand she was suspicious about Ravi as well.


The next day, all the children reached Chennai, and started exploring the place,

Suddenly she met the head of the Panchayat at one of the tourist spots, she approached him and asked him about the development of the village.

The head’s reply really shock her off.

She just ran towards her sister and brother, and somehow managed to catch a train back to Villipuri.

When she was travelling back she could solve the riddles and puzzles playing in her mind.



The panchayat head told her that, After they left for villipuri, within say two days, the contractor cancelled the contract and there was as such no development going to take place.

The entire village and members tried to contact them, but couldn’t trace their whereabouts.

After few hours they reached Villipuri

The entire village seemed new to Sakshi, but surprisingly her sister and brother did not notice any change as such.



The Real Reveal



This really horrified Sakshi, upon reaching the villa, sakshi could hear some voices, and those voices were not the ordinal ones, they were voices of demons.

She could see the sight of her mom running, out of the villa and going towards the backyard, and suddenly when Sakshi blinked her eyes, she saw Ravi  running after her mom.

Sakshi, told her sister and brother to wait inside the rickshaw, she quickly picked up a rod lying besides on the road and ran towards the backyard,

Savitri spotted Sakshi coming to rescue her,

Sakshi in the meanwhile passed a hint to her mom to divert the attention of Ravi, Savitri was successful in doing so.

Sakshi quickly went toward the box , opened it and took out the crystal from the box , Ravi just turned, looked at Sakshi and saw her destroying the Crystal, he ran towards her to save his crystal, but his attempt was failed and surprising when the crystal was completely destroyed, even Ravi’s body burnt into ashes.


Savitri hugged Sakshi tightly and told her when they left, Ravi was trying to assault her everyday and today  he tried to kill her.

Savitri questioned Sakshi that how did she come to know about Ravi and his plans??

Sakshi explained her mom, everything from the start, the day when they shifted to Villipuri her strange observations etc. Also the day when she came to know about the hidden  box, she went to ask the villagers about Ravi, few saints replied to her and told her that,

Ravi was a fraud saint, who would hypnotize his believers to do all type of bad activities and also had looted a lot of money and bugged his believers.

One day Ravi fell for this girl named Antara and married her, Initially it was all okay, but eventually Antara came to know about Ravi’s bad conduct and the way he used to misuse his power of hypnotizing others. Ravi was indeed a demon in disguise.

Antara was also tortured by Ravi, and one day Ravi killed Antara, while dying Antara cursed Ravi saying that, since he misuses his powers of hypnosis , one day he would die, if his crystal is destroyed .

Later he had hypnotized the entire Villipuri village , and was in the quest of conquering Kallipuram as well, that’s the reason he always used to wear, those baggy pants.

Further she mentioned that, a day before the wedding, she spotted Ravi at the same place chanting few prayers, and he took the crystal out from the same baggy pants.

Ravi was in the quest of finding new love in you, and he knew that going through the long way won’t help so he had hypnotized you , Vikram and Meera the day when I had gone out for inquiring about his past.

Savitri asked Sakshi, but he could have hypnotized you later as well, to which Sakshi replied that, the day when Sakshi spotted Ravi keeping the crystal back , he had tried to hypnotize her , but his efforts went into vein, because she was having the Red dhaga tied around her wrist ( the same red thread which was tied to the door of the villa), which was apparently boosted with few mantras, which couldn’t affect her and that’s the reason she wasn’t hypnotized.

All the saints who were spotted by sakshi at the entrance of Villipuri were all chanting the prayers of God, to free their village from the power of Ravi’s hypnosis.

Sakshi’s family went back to Kallipuram, and they lived happily ever after.

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