Love being the most beneficient

Love being the most beneficient

It is said that when you are in love,you become blind and everything seems to be correct.I acknowledge it few days before when i met my friend and she articulated me the most significant story of her life.

She was 18 when love struck her.At 18,a girl or a boy is not mature enough to expect the losses he or she might endure in the future.Like her peers,she was living her life being joyful,cheerful and in high spirits.She was beautiful,sharp and much adorable,so much so that her college-mates want to talk to her and be friends with her.Despite this,she was always away from these trickery business.

It was that time when whatsapp was not into the picture and the most of the 90s generation have initiated their love stories through inbox messages.
One day she received a text from a guy asking for friendship.She ignored it as always.But sometimes destiny has its own role to play as they were certain to meet one another ,they collided to each other in college and became friends somehow.

Days passed,Months passed…The boy proposed her and after 5 months of continuous refusal,she finally said yes.Though she loved him but she was reluctant to give a nod for him.Now here is the crux.She belonged to a Hindu family and the guy belonged to a Muslim family. The whole problem lied here as this is not the end ,this is the beginning of their lives.They started dating and their love bloomed like effervescence. They tried to part ways but it was all useless… They were in deep attachment or can say addiction that it was nearly impossible for them to live apart.
Again they came together and this time much stronger than ever.. They both were book lovers and readers.A book named ‘’ was trending during those times and it acted as a catalyst in their love story. Needless to say,the book was amazing .

They had the time of their lives enjoying each other’s company,helped each other in exams,ate together,spent evenings together,went on almost every place of their town, did mischievs, danced together, loved together and what not. Summers ,winters,rains ..they have remarked every single season together. Their love for each other was inevitable..The last year of college and a plethora of mixed emotions sorrounded them.

And as I said,Destiny played its role by placing them together in the same city in different companies. Their happiness knew no bounds.
They moved together to join their respective companies and never did they leave hands of each other.In a city where they did not know anyone,they both were everything for each other.All the crests and troughs were faced by them together.

Six years passed when they were doing well in their lives,they realised they have to think of settling together. And yes,they were so much in love that they forgot they belong to two major religions of this country. Considering the fact,they reach out to their family but the social stigma did not allow them to marry one another.Their families were conservative therefore it became complicated to convince them.

That was the most painful time for them as they were helpless to choose between the two most important relations of their life.
They cried, weeped , yelled and screamed out in pain.The nights haunted them, the days bothered them.The separation made them worse.They chose FAMILY.

Day after day,their condition deteriorated and two years later the day came when the boy was no more. What !! It looked unrealistic and so freakingly difficult to believe.

They were together for 9 long years,saw every phase together and phew! We cannot imagine the terrible pain and the lifelong void they had felt.I am deeply saddened to see and hear the agonizing and intense trauma of her life.I bear many questions in my mind as to why she said yes? Why the families did not accept ? Why the guy had to love a girl whom he could not marry? And yes,why this death?

The answers to these questions are simple Nobody does anything intentionally.Its all destined and their stories were written.However the demise could have been stopped . In any case , a person should not take any such step and take things as they flow . Life is very precious and it cannot be taken at any cost.

I would like to pen down a note conveying the feelings of the girl here :

As the time will elapse,your memories would decay.. As you will be gone,your presence would slay..

Tied with the strings of norms,you will let go off me.. Broken apart,i will cluster myself and pose a smile.. That disguise curve on my lips will tell the pain i bore in me .. That shiver of my hands will show my grief of missing your hand in mine.. That tremble of my legs will suggest my incapability of walking without you.. My eyes where you always found yourself ,where you fathom the deepness of our love..those same eyes will turn into a lifeless organ bearing the hardness of a shell..

Who is gonna rescue man! I would not want to get bailed out of this prison of agony ..i would want to get lost in the bars of our unaccomplished it the realisation of my being dead alive !

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