Lock down is taking a toll on your pocket too!

Lock down is taking a toll on your pocket too!


This lock down is taking a toll on your pocket too! How? Lets us see. Hello people I hope you are keeping well both mentally and physically during these pandemic times. Well you don’t know when will the situation be under control. Or you will be out of this fear because as you can see the numbers are rising at such a high pace with each passing day making it more difficult for people like us to survive. Not that the the situation is affecting us only mentally and physically but it has become a curse for most of us for causing financial crisis too. lock down is taking a toll on your pocket too undoubtedly.

It is not a very easy time to live. We all are facing this for the very first time in our entire lives. Recession is yet to come and lock down is taking a toll on your pocket too already. Not being negative, but situation can worsen. Let me tell you my story and how I cope up with it everyday.

My Pocket-pinch

Yes off course it is taking a toll on our pocket too and why I can say that is because I feel the same. Very recently I received an e-mail from my boss stating that he can’t retain me any further. So I must find a better place and all the best from his side . It is not like I did not know about it. Well I did because apparently the project in which I was hired was going to end soon. So yeah it happened and not only me, but my friend and a very dear colleague too was sent the same mail. So now comes the question how we reacted?

Our reaction to it

Both of us first laughed it out and were all chill about it. But then after some time things started changing and the only thing we thought that was wrong is the ” timing”. Yes we always knew that one day we have to call it quits from that place. Though we never expected  this to happen in this already tough time. Most of the companies are either removing their staff while others are cutting down their pay or are asking them to work from home which appeared pretty normal to us as well.It took us time but yes we are fine with it now but the thing which bothers us is the independence you have while you earn, but you know there are a lot of ways in which you can keep yourself calm in these tough times.So let us now discuss a bit more about it.

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Tips to overcome such situations

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  • During such difficult times one of the most important thing is to never lose your peace of mind.Yes if you are mentally strong then nothing in the world can break you so keep calm and handle the situation smartly .
  • The next thing is search some good work that can be done by you both online and offline as well because this will help you in learning  so many new things
  • Never under-estimate yourself , every person is born with all the skills so don’t look down on yourself its just that you need some more time to realise it.
  • Don’t be in a hurry, yes very much necessary as soon as one loses a job or something they immediately panic and start going mad over things however it is very much okay to not work for a while nothing will happen trust me.So next time take your time and decide things.
  • Take it as one step forward to something much better which awaits you in near future.
  • Never skip any wonderful opportunity which comes your way,give it your best shot every time.
  • Believe in yourself, and trust your struggles for they will definitely lead you to an upgraded tomorrow.

Now i will further tell you few things that i have been doing these days to keep myself busy and also to earn a bit.

10 Things that are keeping me sane in these pandemic times..

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  1. Making exercise a part of my daily routine

    As it is rightly said  “sweat it out  and you will never feel left out” . Yes when it comes to doing some kind of physical activity i think it really can work wonders to somebody who wants to keep both their physical and mental health in good state. Doing simple exercises like yoga,meditation etc relaxes your mind and helps you stay fit.Apparently i have never been  a fitness freak but my friend motivated me to do it and if i tell you now all that she has said about workout or exercising seems so true to me.You don’t need many people around to get inspired from , just one little advice from the right person can work magic and the same happened in my case so you also draw some inspiration and begin your ready,steady,go…
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  2. Cooking my favorite food –

    Well  i am truly one of those few people who enjoy cooking as equally as they love the food. There are a lot of dishes which i have cooked over this lock down period and every time i stepped into kitchen i felt no less than a  ” master chef”. Yes cooking the food you love to eat serves many purposes besides filling your stomach, it refreshes your mood and gives you a new energy to look at things.

    Food being the fuel of the body is also the fuel of the soul to me at least.Also i tried my hands into baking for the first time at home and trust me desserts have always been my weakness and they will always be so I did make a few cakes,each of which tasted the best for sweets always make me happy so yeah i have this emotion attached which chocolates,cakes etc that they make me feel so positive.So you too can try cooking something which cheers your soul.

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3. Dancing-

Dance every time and all the time. That might sound weird but it is a fact that dancing lifts up your mood so well.It not only gives you immense happiness but also boosts up your confidence.Dance to the beats you love and shed away all the negative thoughts .Use this therapy to feel elated and content. No matter how much stressed you are, never forget to put your dancing shoes on. You can also collaborate with your friends and family members and shoot a video and enjoy after doing that happy wala dance.

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4. Freelance writing-

Look for opportunities like freelance writing and there are many out there waiting for you to be a part of it. You don’t need to be perfect enough at first to start writing instead you should be ready to learn for a writer never stops learning new things in his entire life. Take up those online free lance writing jobs to earn a bit. You will feel that it is the best way to utilize your time.I started writing i mean not that i always wanted to be writer but then yes it always excites me to do something different like this.

Write your heart out and also fill your pocket what could be better. Keep searching the new topics coming up everyday on which you can draft something and also stay in touch with the correct source to get your writing published like here i am at ‘ buzz of the hour’. Utilizing my time for better and good things.

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5. Spending some quality time with my family- 

Talk, share, play, learn,try do all this and many more with your family members. Because you have go this free time Now. This is to relive the old moments, cherish the ones and build the long lasting memories for future. Spending quality time with your family is very important. Especially when you are under any tensed situation or when you find it difficult to find answers to your never ending questions. That very feeling to them being by your side and holding your hand is great. They being there through all times makes you realize that there is so much in life to look after and to be content with.They will always support you no matter how tough times get. So yes enjoy their company ,be with them always, put your social media to rest and start to value your family because it remains priceless. A Blended Family United: Tips for Overcoming Issues Together | Parents

6. Studying- Keep your career goals in mind and study hard to achieve them. At a point in life when you feel that only working is your priority and nothing else. Change your mind then and there and start re-thinking. Studying for any competitive exam may help. Any exam that you want to give or for the college or school exams that maybe around the corner helps you concentrate on your life goals and agendas. Nobody can get bored while studying for their dreams so use the time that you have got to be a little more closer to your final destination.

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7. Watching new shows or web series- Web series are so in these days and they truly are making your life a bit easy while staying at home. Get some good recommendations from your near,dear ones and start binge watching those thriller series,funny shows etc. Well the most funny thing about it is the the time when you beg to ask for subscription plans from your friends. I did it too asked my friend about the id password of one binge watching platform and the slowly accessed all of them with her name .It remains so funny how when i login and she calls to check “arey ye kis ne kiya” and the culprit you know laughs it out hard like me. But people all this worth trust me to watch your favourite series ‘itna toh chalta hai”.

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8.Playing ludo with friends online-  “Ludo khelne aa” . This is the best dialogue i am hearing these days from my friends. Or should I say I am also calling others and telling the same. Online ludo playing has become such a habit now that the day looks incomplete without cutting somebody’s goti.


It serves as a means of strengthening the bond between you and your loved ones. Also helps in relieving stress and communicating well with the gang . I play it often because i just love it. Although lose half of the times still the quality time that you get with your friends is above all this. This game is so much fun please give it a try if you haven’t yet.  Play it with a light heart. I remember fighting up with my friend’s because of ludo because they used to cut every goti of mine..silly enough though so you better watch out.

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9.Spending some time with nature- Watering plants or sowing new seeds all this is helpful too. Take time out and spend time with mother earth. It is a good way to stay positive and feel good about things. Nature heals it all they say and I am a strong believer of it. So next time something disturbs you give it a try and see the magic.

10. Connecting to my close friends and regularly talking to them-  Save the best for the last and here it is. My best thing to do when i am okay,happy or sad. Always talk it out guys it really helps. Just have that one person in life who is ready to listen to you every time. I also have a few of them the closed ones with whom I stay connected  almost everyday. They keep me sane. Yes they help me look at things differently which otherwise were bothering me. Those unending conversations or gossip sessions is all that you need at times.


So call that therapist friend right away and vent out everything that is bothering you. Stupid idea it might seem but it works for me and i am sure for many others like me too. Don’t give up to the pandemic silently just speak up.

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Trust that good times will be here soon.  Our country will wipe off this virus which has made life hell for a lot of us. Everything will be fine just wait for the right time. Till then keep yourself safe in every aspect of health and mental well being. Stay strong and this shall pass too keep doing what makes you happy. Find ways to keep yourself busy can get some tips from the above mentioned things till then stay healthy.

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Take care,

Rashi Saini.


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