List of Best Romantic Movies to Watch on Netflix

List of Best Romantic Movies to Watch on Netflix

Best Romantic MoviesIf in Lockdown you miss cuddling with your beau and chilling out with them, then to make you feel better we’re here to put you in the mood for love. Cheesy romance is all your way to melt your heart. Get ready to shed some tears, but happy tears as nothing is best than watching a romantic movie and bringing a smile on your face. We’re here with this blog to create some happy vibes for hopeless romantic people as love is in the air. From classic movie Notebook to Set It Up, To All the Boys I’ve loved before. From in-depth, heartbreaking love stories to light Romantic Comedy, we’ve covered all the highly appreciated romantic movies for you.It’s time for some Netflix Chill and feeling of love tonight.

Set-it-upSet It Up

If you’re bored of re-watching old classic romantic movies, then Set It Up is the best option for you. It is a charming romantic comedy movie in which two assistants of different companies try to set up their bosses with each other so that they get some free time from their demanding jobs. In order to set up their bosses, they end up start falling for each other. Then there is drama, a lot of drama and at last happy ending. Love always wins, no matter what.

The-Half-of-ItThe Half of It

Newly released movie Half of It is an exception when it comes to the love triangle. The plot in the movie is not like conventional stories like two boys fighting for a girl or two girls fighting for a boy. Instead Half of It comes with a great twist on the love triangle story where an outcast girl helps the guy to win the heart of the hottest and popular girl in high school, but the catch here is she’s also attracted to the same girl. So do watch this movie to know the stellar climax, with whom the dream girl goes with.

The-NotebookThe Notebook

The Notebook will steal your heart away; the viewers love this classic genre of film. This unapologetic romantic movie is a must-watch, and if you feel like you enjoyed this movie, then you can re-watch the film multiple times. The Notebook is an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks and if you haven’t watched this movie yet then do watch it now.

P.S.-I-love-youP.S. I Love You

While watching this movie, we ensure you won’t be able to control your tears. It shows the life of a widow after her husband dies of brain cancer. But he leaves behind a series of letters to help her out to cope with grief and learn to live without him. This film shows you new beginnings are also beautiful and the news of a sequel to this movie is doing rounds on the Internet, so you have got a lot of time to catch up on this.

The-Kissing-BoothThe Kissing Booth

Kissing Booth is one of the best romantic movies on Netflix since high-school and the teen love story is the best thing to watch when you’re feeling low. The plot of the story revolves around high school friendship and love. Kissing Booth is considered to be the best re-watched movie of all times.

To-all-the-boys-ive-loved-beforeTo All the Boys I’ve loved Before 

First love is always unique and special, this movie will get you in aww and will remind you of your first awkward, uncomfortable but most special relationship. Lara Jean and Peter are the cutest couples, and everyone loves their extravagant chemistry. By seeing this movie, you will crave for true love. Watch out to see what letters written by Lara made her life turn upside down, but the best thing that happens to her is the tumultuous start of dating and connecting with Peter.

To-all-the-boys-PS-i-still-love-youTo All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You 

PS I Love You is the second part of ‘To All the Boys I’ve loved before’ franchise, the first part was the biggest hit amongst the viewers which forced makers to create another part. In the first part, as we talked about it shows the love affair between Lara and Peter, but in this part, you would be saddened to see them breaking off their relationship due to misunderstandings between them. You will also see Lara’s ex-crush and childhood buddy who is to some extent responsible for the complications in their relationship. But the happy ending is waiting for you, go and check it out. And keep on guessing with whom Lara will finally go with.

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