Importance of exercise during quarantine/ Lockdown!

Importance of exercise during quarantine/ Lockdown!


Many of us know the general importance of exercise. What about exercise during quarantine? It has been more than a month now that we are all locked down at our homes. For many of us it may be relaxing. For others, it may not be the same. Many of our fitness goals would have been hampered due to the same too. This could possibly be due to our dependence on gymnasiums, fitness centers and related places. Doing no exercise is not going help any one of us. Importance of exercise during quarantine is one topic that needs focus. This topic is essential when we are talking about being healthy and boosting our immunity. Along side, eating right it is also equally important to exercise.Come, let us learn about it.

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Difference between physical activity and exercise: Lets start with basics.

Exercise is important during quarantine for good health. WHO defines physical activity as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure.” It could be your household work like mopping, dusting etc. Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Examples include aerobics, weight training exercises etc. You all may think doing dusting, mopping, washing utensils will suffice for daily dose of exercise. This is however not at all true.

Importance of exercise

Exercise is important to prevent from unhealthy lifestyle. It helps you prevent conditions like Obesity, diabetes, hypertension and related conditions. It is of extreme importance during current situation.

As stated above, you all are physically active which is good. But exercise focuses on certain parts of the body, stimulate certain hormones and work on immunity boosters. Another important point to note is that exercise does not comprise only of physical exercises. It will work as recreation and will keep you in good health. It includes the following

-Breathing exercises (pranayam)

-Mind relaxing exercises (meditation, yoga)

-Immune boosting and fitness exercises (physical exercises).

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Importance of exercise during quarantine:

  1. It is good for both mental and physical health: It helps you prevent over weight/obesity and stay fit. These are two major risk factors for any degenerative disease. Be it diabetes, blood pressure or cancer. We all know, people with these diseases are more susceptible to COVID-19. Hence, we must try to prevent ourselves from falling pray to those diseases. It also helps you increase the level of HDL (good cholesterol) in the body and reduce bad cholesterol.
    Mentally, exercise is responsible for producing endorphins. This is responsible for producing positive feeling in the body. Hence, it will help you stay happy and in good health in the current situation.
  2. Helps boost immunity: It will help you regulate the digestion, hormones etc. Ultimately it leads to increased immunity and hence lesser chances of falling ill.
  3. Helps you utilize your extra time productively during quarantine: Most of us are highly bored during this time. Why not use it to our benefit? If you exercise already, very good. If not, start now. Little is better than nothing and more is better than little.
  4. Keeps you happy: Exercise helps you release feel good hormones that keeps you happy. Start exercising and feel it yourself! During lockdown many of us maybe feeling a low or extremely depressed. That is normal because it is an unusual situation. Exercise can help you combat that.
  5. Helps you bond with the family: This is the time when everyone is home. Why don’t you exercise with your family? It is a great time to bond. What better than bonding over health. We will then say, family that exercise together, stay together.
  6. Makes you look good: It improves the blood flow in the body inducing glow in the skin and body. Note that unhealthy weight is never cool. Staying within the permissible limits of your weight is essential. You tend to look presentable and healthy.

Recommendation of exercise

WHO recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity, or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity. The guidelines suggest that you spread this exercise throughout the week. This is not tough if you are willing enough to take care of yourself. Learn the importance of exercise during quarantine and work towards it.

Fun ways to exercise

This includes dancing, exercising in sync to music, aerobics, zumba etc. You need to choose according to your interests and needs. For example if you want to strengthen your mind, do more of yoga and pranayam. If you wish to loose weight, do more of cardio exercises like skipping, running etc.

Make use of technology guys. You keep scrolling down your phone the whole day. Look for apps. Download and start working out. Else, look for videos in Youtube and start doing it. It will become a habit one day.


Remember, it is never too late to start doing anything right for goodness. If you were not aware earlier about being in good health, well now you are. Start exercising not to look good alone, but to remain healthy. There can always be thousands of excuses to not start doing. Examples include lack of time, money, not interested, cannot do, demotivated etc. You will need only one good reason to start. And that reason is right here. You have time now. No need to pay monthly rentals to gym. Be at your home, in your comfortable pajama and start exercising. Start with 10 minutes per day. At least start building up the habit of doing it regularly. Ten days maybe you will have to force it on yourself. Trust me, eleventh day you will start doing it as default.

It is just in our minds. Everything needs time and if you prioritize well, you will find time for everything in the entire day. Make a schedule. Even if you are working from home, you can make time for these small little things.

The war outside of your houses is a fight to remain healthy. Exercising ad proper diet are two key components of keeping in good health. Do your part in protecting yourself. Eat right during quarantine and exercise. Understand the importance of exercise during quarantine and act on it.


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