How to Keep Your Mental Health Fine Amid Corona virus Pandemic

How to Keep Your Mental Health Fine Amid Corona virus Pandemic

Mental HealthLock down is taking a toll on people’s mental health; anxiety is skyrocketing with the heightened escalation in the number of positive corona virus infected cases. Lock down can be extra harsh on your mental health when you’re an over-thinker who constantly needs a distraction to not feel sad and lonely. FEAR is taking over our thinking, and it is making us anxious and panicky. Cutting off from social media and news coverage can make you feel a little better. Our mind is racing back and forth, longing to resume back to our normal routine. But returning to normal life might be scarier since corona virus is not leaving our lives anytime soon. In the midst of this terrible despair, having the intensified feeling of uncertainty, loneliness and unrest is common.Be optimistic and think things are likely to change over time.Lack of routine and social distancing has created a stir of loneliness in everyone’s life. Everyone with a mental illness out there who is sitting with their negative thoughts, be kind to yourself and hold on- the world needs you. Whenever you’re feeling low, just take a moment and remember who you are and start counting on your blessings.

We can imagine it must be so harsh for people living far away from their home, and not meeting their loved ones, make them feel empty. Intrusive thoughts about depressive days are all over our mind. Pandemic is creating more fuss for people with existing mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, OCD, and substance dependency. At this time, we can’t visit therapists;therefore, read the blog further to know the tips to keep your mental health in check. When your mental health isn’t in the best condition, give your mind a break. Never feel guilty for things you can’t do even like performing normal tasks. It’s entirely okay to struggle sometimes. Be kind to yourself and always remember bad days are temporary. ‘Whenever you feel like giving up on something, always remember why you started.

Most of the people have the wrong perception about anxiety that it is only excessive worrying. But it is actually a web of intrusive thoughts, and people feel guilty and too much drained. Even they face compulsive behavior, sometimes physical symptoms like palpitations, shaking, and so much more people have to go through. There is still lots of taboos related to mental health- It isn’t a sign of weakness and shamefulness. At this time, even the World Health Organization (WHO) is highlighting the importance of encouraging mental and psychological well-being. Surround yourself with positivity, focus on your strengths and always surround yourself with people who help you grow instead of pushing you down.We all haven’t experienced pandemic like the corona virus in recent history. You can’t let a bad week, month or year stop you from creating a beautiful future. Keep on preaching ‘I’m going to make a beautiful life for myself no matter what it takes. Learn and follow the enlisted tips to stay healthy during the corona virus Lockdown.

Acknowledge-your-thoughtsAcknowledge your thoughts

Learning about your thoughts is indispensable in order to know what is triggering you to feel this way. Ask yourself, why are you feeling anxious? What is making you feel bad? If it’s a friend or boyfriend or family, whosoever is making you feel less valued, cut them out of your life, for the time being. Your mental peace is much important than anyone’s worthless opinion about you.

Lift-your-spirits-highLift your spirits high

Some people like to keep themselves busy and for some,lying in bed all day makes them feel better. If you’re the person who loves to indulge in something or the other, then take up on a hobby. Engage yourself in something which makes you forget all the stress blues and can boosts your self-esteem. No Worries! Even if you don’t have any hobbies and you’re the person who loves to chill on their own. It is not the point here who is more productive or not; it’s just that do whatever you feel like doing that can lift your spirits high whenever you feel low.


Slowing down your mind, heart and soul is requisite. Meditation is all about cutting yourself from the chaos and spending some quality time with yourself. Being mindful helps in returning to the present moment, and it lowers our stress levels. We connect with ourselves better at that time without keeping any judgements. In meditation, we mainly pay focus on our breath, and there are also many mediation guides on the Internet; that you can check it out.


You must’ve heard about this phrase ‘Healthy Mind Lives in a Healthy Body.’ If you feel physically good, you feel mentally stronger. Exercise release chemicals in your brain that makes you feel good. Regularly following an exercise regime will boost your self-esteem and also it helps you in concentrating, sleeping and feeling better.

Focus-on-Your-Sleep-PatternFocus on Your Sleep Pattern

If you’re the one who is not taking proper sleep and only sleeps for 4-5 hours, then you highly need to consider your sleeping pattern. Sleep is really imperative for our physical and mental well-being. It helps to regulate the chemicals in our brain that transmit information, and these chemicals are much-needed for managing our mood and emotions. If you don’t get 6-8 hours’ sleep, you can feel anxious or depressed.

Distract-yourself-from-negative-thoughtsDistract yourself from negative thoughts

Start doing whatever makes you feel happy and which can instantly cheer your spirits high. Distance yourself from the thoughts that are making you anxious. Listen to soothing songs or watch your favorite movie or web series. You can either distract yourself by counting from 10 to 1.

Drink-plenty-of-waterDrink plenty of water

It is quite hard to believe that by only drinking enough water, someone can manage their anxiety. Sip your stress and anxiety away! All of our body organs, including our brain, need enough water to function right.If you’re dehydrated, your body will not function properly and which can further lead to stress and uneasiness.

Notice-the-beauty-around-youNotice the beauty around you

Whenever you feel anxious, get up from your bed, feel the sun rays or breeze on your skin. Listen to the birds chirping and focus on your breathing. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take deep breaths.

Confront-YourselfConfront Yourself

The moment you feel anxious, confront your mind like Am I unnecessarily worrying about the worst thing? Maybe it’s the overthinking which is triggering you to think the worst. Take a trip down memory lane and think about the time when you thought you wouldn’t be able to survive or achieve something, but you made out of the things with flying colors.

Share-Your-FeelingsShare Your Feelings

Share your feelings with someone who you trust the most.It would help you to get rid of the burden of thoughts you’ve been carrying in your head for a while. The existence of someone listening to you will help you feel supported and less lonely. There is no wrong in speaking your heart out, trust us; it will make you feel light. It is awkward at first to talk about what you’re going through, but it gets better with time.

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