How Technology is Helping to Cope-Up with the Pandemic

How Technology is Helping to Cope-Up with the Pandemic

Improving Your Communication SkillsTechnology has extensively taken over the world. As COVID-19 outbreak drives us socially apart, technology is bringing us together. Within no time, whole operations have moved online; now our lives are profoundly dependent on technology. Every one of us work, learn, shop and play online. What we used to do physically, now we are doing it remotely whether it’s watching a newly released movie, working, socializing with friends, learning, and working out. Almost everything we do now involves technology in one way or another. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we use technology for work-out, and till the end of the day, we are 24/7 dependent on technology. We are left with no choice instead of entangling with the digital world. Visualizing our Lockdown life without the presence of technology is practically impossible to think. Now, we’re so dependent on technology that it has become our integral part of our lives. It has made our lives safer, easier, more convenient and enjoyable. Our only escape left is the virtual world, and it is the new normal for all over the world.

The COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak is spawning a tech revolution that will change our lives forever. Pandemic has changed the way how we communicate, eat, learn, get entertained, and work. Majorly it has enforced a huge change in our society. Though Lockdown has made us farther apart than ever, yet social media and video calls are keeping us intact socially and closer like never before. Technology is our new best friend. Technology is playing a massive part in keeping our society functional that too in a time of quarantine. This blog will help you to know how madly we are dependent on technology. Today, everything is ruled by technology how we work, how we do business, how we learn, how we remain fit, how we entertain ourselves, how we trade, and what not. Let’s look at some ways through which technology is ruling our life altogether.

Work-from-homeWork from Home (WFH) – Remote Work

No one has ever imagined even in their wildest dreams that one day they would have to bring their office at home and working remotely specially from home would become new normal. We all are working for the first time from our bedrooms. Working from home has ensured the continuity of business operations and saved the economy from recession and depression. Remote working is a blessing in disguise that comes due to the progression of technology. This paradigm shift has extensively increased the use of Video Conferencing tools, Virtual meetings, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), voice over internet protocols (VoIPs), cloud technology, and work collaboration tools. Who knew Zoom and Google Duo would become the new chill out hotspot with office colleagues. Work from Home (WFH) is the best solution to save the crashing economy. This new trend is giving us an indication of a new scenario of work from home, even in the Post-Corona world.

Online-ShoppingOnline Shopping

Let’s forget how we used to do compulsive shopping by spending hours in malls, now online shopping is our happy hour. Contact less delivery services are being used to protect from the spread of contagious disease. China is planning to start the robot deliveries and if this project gets successful, it will be the coolest thing ever done in history.

For fulfilling all the needs, people are choosing e-commerce websites instead of going outside to do grocery shopping.

E-LearningE-Learning/ Distance Learning

No parent ever thought at any point of time that they would have to give so much screen time to their kids. Now, even toddlers are dependent on E-learning since the shutdown of schools. From primary kids to high school kids, all are dependent on online classes. E-Learning requires the help of technology just like remote working. Virtual classes, artificial-intelligence-enabled robot teachers are the new normal for distance learning.

FitnessFitness (Working Out)

With the shutdown of gyms and fitness centers, all we have is home and the Internet to maintain our usual fitness routine. People are adopting technology to maintain fitness. Various fitness chains are offering live steam and on-demand workouts. Even on YouTube, there are many guided workout tutorials. Even celebrity fitness trainers are posting their workout videos on social media. At this time, well-being should be everyone’s priority, and being mentally fit is of paramount importance.Everyone should download guided-meditation and guided fitness apps like Calm, Headspace and many more for maintaining well-being while staying at home.


Pandemic has made us realize how heavily we all were dependent on human interactions to make everything work.Many countries have turned their head towards technology to mitigate the spread of the deadly virus. Technological advancements are widely used to combat the pandemic from the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robots, drone, virtual biometrics, tele-medicines, chatbots, smart imaging, and supercomputers to location tracking. For Instance, Chatbots can make initial diagnose of coronavirus based on symptoms. Robots are used to disinfect the areas and drones to deliver items in red zones and for spraying disinfectants.

Online-EntertainmentOnline Entertainment/ Social Media

In pre-Lockdown period our main source of entertainment was watching newly released movies in theaters on weekends or travelling to countries and cities.

Now, everyone has taken Netflix and Chill and concept of binge-watching like there is no tomorrow seriously. Also, who knew we could take a world tour by sitting in the comfort of our bedroom. With technology, everything is possible you can take a virtual tour of museums or international heritage sites at any time of the day and night. We always find ourselves gliding from one app to the other whether it is WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and whatnot. There has been an immense spike in social media usage, and every other person is going Live on Instagram these days.Social media is the best way to socialize with others while maintaining social distancing.

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