How my wedding event is affected due to coronavirus?

How my wedding event is affected due to coronavirus?

The wedding shenanigans, the wedding diaries, wedding bliss, the wedding vows are a few of the phrases that we use to witness a wedding. There is a kind of aura that ensembles us at weddings and make us go through heaps of mixed emotions. Here, I would like to share my feelings of what it is like to be getting married, and then suddenly something unexpected comes into the way which turns everything upside down.

After a lot of hunt for an eligible boy for marriage ( which is a long story, something that I would like to share in my coming blogs), we end up fixing it up with a guy who is now my fiance. The marriage date was fixed as 29th May 2020 after a lot of agreements and disagreements. The preparations and arrangements were rocketing high. I was or am very particular about the things on what should be the guest list, how are the arrangements, what should be the color of my lehenga, what all functions should be there etc. Amidst this, I and my fiance were excited as well as equally nervous about the proceedings going on and we both planned porridge inside our heads about our married life. Luckily, my fiance is one of the most sorted and loving person or can say I am blessed with a person who knows my in and out and accepted me the same way.

The marriage garden was booked, the catering was hired and some other petty arrangements were made. As the things were moving on, we got the news that a virus named Corona is spreading across the nations except India and it is creating havoc. We were relaxed by then until the news came that the virus has reached India and there will be a lockdown of 21 days i.e from 25th March to 14th April. We got scared and frightened of the future consequences. With passing days, the increase in the number of cases made our families anxious. We decided to wait till 14th April but the day came with no hopes for us.The cases increased with a rapid rate, the lockdown extended and we could not help but to postpone our event of wedding. Guys, I personally undergo and undergoing a lot of restlessness and concern for things.It’s not just about getting married but a lot of other things have affected us in many ways.

Financial loss

• As it was mentioned that the marriage garden was booked.Even the party hall for other ceremonies like Haldi, Mehendi was booked.The money invested in them is gone, it cannot be refunded as the owners of the hall are ready to give us another date but the date is uncertain and so we can just wait for this peril to end.

• The lehenga was booked and it was supposed to get delivered by 15th April but the workers told that due to the lockdown, it is not ready and it will only be resumed once the lockdown is over.

• The salon was booked for two days and for three people but the workers over there said that the money cannot be refunded, you can choose another date and the price may vary.

• As every couple is thrilled for their honeymoon, so we were and we booked many flight tickets to reach our decided destination.Also, we were going via tour package so a part of the money was also deposited to them.Now, due to the contagious virus it’s literally fearful to go abroad at least for a year.

Emotional instability

• My fiance lives in another city so it is a long-distance relationship.We haven’t met since 2 months and the wait is unpredictable.The bond we share is very special and definitely these bad times will not take away our love for each other.But there are days ,there are moments of weakness when we just do not know what is there in store for us. We get traumatized and lament about the things going on.Moreover,the plans related to wedding event that we made with so much enthusiasm are now no more in existence.

• And then there is this pain of being away from each other for long without no possible chance of meeting. The video calls are angels that are keeping us motivated.

Mental pain

• I was working for an organization and I resigned a week before lockdown happened. I am getting married and moving to another city made me resign from my present job. I served my notice period till the first week of April and then I became jobless.That hit me badly and I suffered anxiety and insomnia.Though my fiance was always with me motivating me but this was just not going out of my mind.I lost my mind so many times and end up crying helplessly.


I am still coping up with the daily stress so I found out some ways to keep myself happy and motivated.In case if anyone of you is dealing with the same scenario, you can go through this:

1. Keep yourself busy: After all this, I started searching for another job that could help me keep busy. There are many organizations that are taking virtual interviews and providing work from home opportunities. Grab them and do it religiously.

2. Develop a hobby: Between all the chaos and busy schedule, we often forget that we have some hidden talent in us that we can expose in these times. For instance, I found that I like to cook and so I tried my hand at cooking.

3. Pursue your interest: This is something that everybody finds time to do. In my case, I have a flair for writing and reading so I have started writing poems and joined proved to be a good diversion.

4. Create a stronger bond with fiance: He is the person who is going to be in your life. Try and make him closer towards you and spend more time with him of course on calls and videos.🙂

At last, pray to Almighty that everything will resume its place, and may God help us in our problems. After all, we are just slaves of the condition and nothing we can do but to wait.. wait for a better tomorrow!


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5 thoughts on “How my wedding event is affected due to coronavirus?

  1. Prerna says:

    I wish I could write like you !
    You’re so good with ur words Mehroze. Xoxo

  2. Mehroze aslam says:

    Thanks ❤

  3. Srinivas Rao says:

    I felt like you have put your heart out in this blog. Your craft of writing is simply amazing. Let’s hope everything’s gonna be alright and we live our lives as we used to. Looking forward to your wedding.

  4. Mehroze aslam says:

    Thanku so much for your kind words Shri.. 😊😊😊 hope all gets well soon..And yes Me and hassan will be happy to host you at the wedding 😇

  5. Imroze Aslam says:

    Amazing….Everything will be fyn my baby🥰🥰🥰

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