Free Advice – The New Coffee of the Season

Free Advice – The New Coffee of the Season

What an advice?.

Basically whenever a person, suggests anything to us, that’s called an advise in simple terms. These days I have been meeting a lot of people, Ofcourse Not ‘In PERSON’ , but over social media, over zoom meetings, my relatives, etc., they are the waiting for that golden chance, when they can say taunt me , or provide me with a ‘ Free Demo session of – How to Improve Your Skills.

Since I have been cooking a lot off lately, because of the quarantine , and also posting a lot of videos and images of the same on my social handle, people are generally getting judgemental about my cooking skills.

My aunt over the phone is explaining me -” How to give Tadka to my dal; because according to her its Plain and not spicy, texture wise.”

My mother is advising me to on my Cleaning skills,- be it kitchen, dusting the rooms,etc

My friends are after me to improve my video skills, that simply means I have been posting my vlogs, on my IGTV, and more surprisingly the people who are not even on social platform are suggesting me the angle of  videos.

I just cannot understand one simple thing,- ” If you have so much of free advise to be disturbed, isn’t it better to donate Free stuffs to poor, than just to blabber and pin point others,


Sometimes the world is strange, the people who haven’t even faced the camera are telling me about, “How can I improve my skills, and of course constructive criticism is always accepted with gratitude, But these not suitable people when, they give advice.

As they say one should brew the coffee really very well to get that flavor, the same is the case of these advice, the more you listen and follow them, the more your brain might turn out crazy.

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Craziness is a subjective term, Some may find it quite hilarious, some may life difficult of tackle.and of course one should definitely have the nack of  tackling the this craziness.


What people demand for is a Pizza and What they deliver is just a layer of sauce over it. The same happened with one of my friends who was like this expert in giving, – Free Advise. I clearly remember once when our trip had gone to  Goa, I was sort of vlogging in the public market, to which this XYZ friend of mine , start of give me instructions to vlog=”like this and that”. I simply handed over the camera to this person, and told him to vlog just for a minute and show me the footage of the same. To my surprise he could only show his face, in that footage and he could even utter a single word, because he was scared to talk in public.


This is just a small example of people behave, When the table turns to you, they are speechless, but to provide the creators which free advice they are always up on their toes. According to me, if you are perfect in a specific field only then, you can advice, just to flaunt your excellent,-“i know everything behaviour”


When I analyzed further, I realized that this Free Advise Saga is been imparted on to our child brains, since a very long time, and that’s preferably our childhood,

We have always had these rituals and virtues -” Aisa mat karo, ye ho jaayge, Agar ye karoge toh aise hoga ” ( Don’t do this and that), the alarming bell of alertness has to be now taken care of. Never Pass judgements on others, never to advise other unless and until its required, that should be our mojo of life.

What I have observed it that, to give free advise is completely optional. For once try to fit in the shoes of the person, whom such advice is been pondered on. Because Advicing is less difficult than performing.

Further adding, Just like Coffee, some may or some may not like your Free Advice, its up to us whether to accept the advice or just to leave the advice, Because any which way, the Advice received is not been implemented by the person providing it,  which can even be like a trash can.

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  1. Chirag says:

    Voww.. Its just wonderfully written piece of art.. Really liked the way the words and sentence formation is being addressed!

  2. Akriti says:

    Amazing write

  3. Sim says:

    Totally Agree! People these days have found this innovative way for taunting others in the form of Advice…

  4. Sharda says:

    True…Well written and explained. I guess this the struggle of the artist day to day life.

  5. Vaishnavi Kamat says:

    This is so relatable ! The feelings are wonderfully conveyed, keep writing as I would love to read more and more..

  6. Devika says:

    Totally agree with each and every word! Looking forward to read more such writeups.

  7. Flaunt Your Flair says:

    Thanks a lot for your feedback

  8. Flaunt Your Flair says:

    thanks dear

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