Experiences during lock down

Experiences during lock down


Experiences during lock down has not been any usual. Actually None of us have never experienced anything of this sort in our lives. We all will remember this time forever in our lives and I can guarantee that. This time has not only taught us a different take on life but also put us through various emotions; all at once. Experiences during lock down are totally different from our normal lives and you all would agree to it. Many of us have resumed normal lives but it is not as “normal” as it earlier was. This may be due to the current scenario.

This time is mixture of good times and bad times. We learnt a lot of things about the human race as a whole per say and maybe became more closer to our own self. This lock down has given us enough time to self-introspect our life and learn about ourselves. Experiences during lock down has literally changed me as person and maybe changed my life too. Let us see my experience during lock down.


Phases of my journey

Like any good hindi cinema, My experiences of lock down is divided into phases. They are as follows:

1) Introduction to lock down: Firstly, I want to say that I am a kind of person who does not stay at home even during weekends. So for me, lock down was a complete shock. Initially it was wonderful as I could wake up whenever I want, do whatever I like and do office work according to my convenience. First few weeks were like a dream.

2) Mid-way crisis: After those initial weeks, it started to hit hard. Sitting at home, following the same routine, not seeing many people in a day was not at all easy. I struggled with making my own routine though but I did make one because this was the peak when lock down was hitting hard.

3) Adat-hogyi phase: You know, I am now in a Phase wherein I am used to living this way. After months of isolation, I have found my way to cope up with it I feel. Now I am used to this lock down living and bhoom, I am sure things will change again.

First one month..

Trust me, when my office declared work from home situation I was so happy. You know when you running all through your days even on weekends, news like this brings joy to you. Same happened with me. I was so happy that finally I will get some time to be with myself, do what I like and most importantly, I do not have to rush to office and do same monotonous work everyday. It was like a dream come true.

I could shoot for my blog, my best friend was here so I could spend some quality time with her many more such things. It was really fun. Most importantly, I was still employed unlike many of my other friends who had lost their jobs during the difficult situation. So it was an amazing time for me.

Mid lock-down Crisis

It was some weeks after the lock down when it got extended. Now the situation was becoming worse and you were not allowed to step out of your houses. This was , actually is still an unusual experience for all of us. Especially for my generation people who are used to roaming around whenever and wherever they feel like, it seems like a really bad dream.

I actually feel like uncertainty of the situation is what is bothering all of us. We do not know definitely when things will be better. As the lock down kept extending, I starting feeling that things are not going to go back to normal. Also, uncertainty of my job gave me all the more shocks. You know, locked up in a house you can start feeling really low after sometime. To which extent it affects you, depends on how you take it.

Adat-hogyi Phase

You know, there comes a time when you literally feel nothing. Same is happening with me now. Like a robot, I wake up and start doing my work. My the end of the day, I feel the same thing: Nothing. Now I literally understood the meaning and value of the freedom that I had. I could go anywhere I want, roam around, meet people and stay sane. Now it is like, I have become accustomed to do my daily routine work and go to bed and sleep at night. That is it.

The situation has started to take a mental toll on me now I feel. Another major change is that I lost my job due to the current situation and that is hurting my pocket alot. Give this also a read guys https://buzzofthehour.com/lock-down-is-taking-a-toll-on-your-pocket-too/. My collegue and my work BFF beautifully describes our current situation. In this last phase of lock down thingy for me, I am becoming weird. All I have is hope.

The reality of the current situation

Today we are all stuck up, not by choice, but by compulsion. Maybe this had to happen to make us realize that life is not to be taken for granted. It has to be valued. You know there was a time back in history when similar situation happened. People had to struggle day and night to make it right. I still feel people today are not taking things seriously and not following simple rules.

This situation could only be bettered if we all work on this together and follow rule. Everyone is sad , upset or weirdly feeling low without any reason nowadays and it is okay. The current situation requires proper attention and we must pay it. I do not want to sound negative but if we do not take this seriously now, it may end up in something worse and I know none of us want that.

On the other hand, I have plenty pf time to follow my hobbies and do what I had to leave because of work pressure or lack of time. I started doing a lot of things that makes me feel happy and keeps me going each day.

What I am doing to cope up?

There are about 10 things that I am doing currently that is keeping me sane during this time. I had to leave my hobbies due to my academic compulsions long back. But now I have all the time in the world to do those things and rightly so, I am doing it. Let me tell you all what those things are. Maybe you will feel like doing some of them. My experiences in lock down includes learning new hobbies and brushing up the older ones.

1) Shooting

I am a nutritionist and a lifestyle blogger. Managing two professions has never been easy for me. But now, for the time being I am better able to concentrate on my blog and YouTube shoots. I have come up with really good ideas and videos in the past three months. I feel good because it makes me feel I am working for myself and betterment. Along with office work, this helps me relax and be creative.

2) Painting

I had heard that colors bring positivism and makes you feel good. I never really had the time to paint or something. But this time has rather forced me to do so. I was cleaning my room and got hold of my old poster colors. One day when I was not feeling very good, i started painting. Just simple mountains. It made me feel so good and relieved. Really, painting each stroke took away a part of sadness from me and got me peace.

After three months, I am proud to say that I had painted about 15-20 paintings and with each one, I improved a bit. Now this has become a aprt of my routine. Be it a small house painting, I make sure I paint something in the whole day.

3) Singing

Since I was a kid, I knew that I could sing well. Maybe nature’s gift. I also joined music class, learned music properly for two years and had to leave due to higher studies. It was not an easy choice to make trust me. But this time has given me another chance to learn music myself. I cannot go classes anymore rather I can sing everyday. It soothes my mind & body while making me feel very good.

4) Cooking

Many people say that cooking can work as a therapy if you are feeling low. Well, now I totally agree to this point. Since the lock down started I make sure that I cook one meal in a day at least. I do not do it because I am a girl and I have to learn it anyway. I do it because it relieves all my stress and anxiety. You know trying out new dishes and preparing them has its own kind of fun. Trying new dishes that I have always wanted to is keeping me happy and my parents are also getting to taste my food ( LOL! I hope they like it or at least they pretend like they do :D)

5) Studying

One those things that helps me distract from my stress is studying. I have started to take online courses and studying them. It makes me feel that I am learning something and at the same time my qualification is increasing. I am also studying my own subjects again in order to brush them up and keep in touch with my education. I believe that you must keep studying till the time you can because knowledge is the power and you must possess it.

6) Freelance content writing

One thing that has been consistent all through these years is my freelance content writing. I do write my own blogs. Now I have taken up projects of freelance content writing. It is keep me happy and is helping me pass this weird phase. See, like I am writing this article right now. I am literally pouring my heart out here and it makes me feel much better.

I always had this habit of writing diaries to mys own self and now that hobby has turned into my backup source of income. I feel proud that I possess more than one talent (Haha! Self praise too much)

7) Watching sunsets

You know this is one thing that I never miss. Sunsets are my favorites and I feel happy looking at them. Everyday, it appears differently. With changing weather each day, it becomes all the more different and beautiful. It is that one thing that gives me hope that endings can be beautiful and that hope is everything.

8) Spending time with my best friends and family

I would agree that I am lucky to have my parents and my best friends with me during this difficult time. I have been so busy since last year because of my job and other commitments. Now I am getting to spend such good quality time with these people. This is the time when you guys need each other the most.

This time can be really harmful for your mental health if you tend to stay all alone by yourself. Staying close to your closest people makes you feel safe and secure. I am getting my share of time with them. It is like I have gotten to know them all over again. Fresh.

9) Dancing

I love dancing. One , because it is a form of workout and two, because it makes you feel good. Whenever I am feeling low, I put on music and dance, I feel happy and peaceful. This has been my hobby every since but never got time to dance when working. Now it is a part of my workout routine.

10) Writing poems

This is the best thing that I have resumed. I had recently started You tube and I am putting up videos of me reciting my self written poems. I feel really good while writing poems be it Hindi or english.



My experiences of lock down has been both good and bad. Let us wait and see to which extent it goes. One thing is for sure, I will come out as a totally different person after this phase.


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