Top Unresolved and Spine Chilling-Mysteries of Indian History

Top Unresolved and Spine Chilling-Mysteries of Indian History

Mysteries of Indian HistoryYesterday is history, and tomorrow is a mystery. Have you ever heard of this phrase? If you’re a mystery lover, then you can check out the unexplored mysteries of Indian History. The most important thing that humans should continue doing is never to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence, and one should not scroll through until they’ve read it through. We promise you we will keep you on toes and if you’re an inquisitive soul and wants to learn about history which is enriching on both an intellectual and a personal level. So, you’re at the right place; we will provide you with tons of knowledge and entertainment to take back. There may be hundreds of greatest unsolved mysteries of Indian History, but we are here to give you all insights in one blog. One of the easiest and most exciting ways to brush up on your history knowledge and curiosity is through blogs. Let’s walk you through the 4 Unsolved and Spine-Chilling Mysteries of Indian History which will blow your mind.


  1. The Royal Treasure of Jaigarh Fort

Are you aware of the Jaigarh fort’s history which is filled with tales of conspiracy and treasures? If no, read this blog further, it will give you deep insights about the Jaigarh Fort unsolved history. Jaigarh Fort is a tourist’s delight, and it is located at a distance of 11 Km’s to the heart of Pink City Jaipur. It has massive fortification walls that appear quite impressive even from a distance. If you ever travel to Rajasthan, do visit Jaigarh Fort as it is home to the World’s most giant Cannon on Wheels known as Jaivana. The fort is associated with a 450-year-old rumor that Man Singh’s Treasure is hidden in the fort. In the late 1970s, it became newspaper headlines, and the rumor was all over the place.

At first glance, you will find the tank in Jaivana quite ordinary, but in reality, it is enormous it has rainwater harvesting facility. There was a rumor when Former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi declared an emergency a raid was organized.Army troops were sent to the fort to discover the treasure, and after three months, nothing was found, and the search was called off. For consequently three days the Delhi-Jaipur Highway was closed. There is still a mystery whether the treasure was sent straight to the PM’s house or it was not recovered, it is still debatable. When the queen Gayatri Devi of Jaigarh fort was imprisoned, Indira Gandhi took advantage of the apt time to search Jaipur royal proprieties for treasure. The incident received a lot of publicity, but nothing was found. Chances are still that Jaigarh fort is guarding the treasures in full might. The incident is also mentioned in Maharani Gayatri Devi’s book, ‘A Princess Remembers.’ The 450-year-old mystery of Royal Man Singh’s treasure remains unsolved. Even the existence of treasure can itself be a myth. Some believe that Sawai Jai Singh used the wealth to build the Jaipur city and to renovate the Jaigarh fort.


  1. The 500-year old Mummy of Lama Tenzin

Have you ever worshipped a mummy as the living God? Yes, you read it right.A village ‘Gue’ near the Indo-China border is known as the town to house a naturally preserved mummy. The villagers offer Tenzin prayers and mark their respects as the living god. Travelers are attracted to Spiti because of the museum that has the mummy of Tenzin. His mummy is significant as he is the only one found in the sitting position, and his knee is up with his chin resting on it. According to the beliefs, the mummy is believed to give up his life for the well-being of these villagers. It is believed that the Lama took upon himself to save the town from a plague of scorpions and when he passed away, a rainbow appeared, and since then the place is free of scorpions. Remarkably well-preserved Mummy is dressed in silk robes, and his teeth and hair are still well-preserved, kept in a glass enclosure. The most interesting fact is, the mysterious mummification process of Tenzin is entirely natural, and no chemicals have been used. Mysterious natural mummification process happened asTenzin began the slow process of starvation excluding a diet of rice, beans, barley and which add fat to the body. He also used to run candles along his skin to dry it out, and the natural decomposition process started while he was alive, that is why the body is preserved so well with teeth, hair and unbroken skin.500-year-old mummy is kept in a tiny single-room of a concrete structure which is protected by only a thin sheet of glass. You can also watch the documentary called ‘The Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy’ to know more about the mummification. If next time you travel to Spiti, do visit this village Gue to know more about the mystery of 500-year old Mummy of Lama of Tenzin.

the-mystery-of-Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s

  1. The mystery of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s Vanishing/Disappearance

Have you ever heard of someone’s Disappearance? The forgotten hero of India’s freedom struggles Netaji Subhash Bose’s Disappearance is altogether a mystery. He joined up with the Japanese and the Nazi’s to fight the British in World War II. He hoped Indian Independence lay in the defeat of the British Empire. British and their allies won the Second World War. Japanese announced that Bose died in a plane crash and still millions of Indians believe that Bose survived and escaped the advancing British army. The solution to this mystery lays in the government’s document. People were not able to find out because Netaji files were classified as top secret. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed to release the secret data. This file has an official version of Netaji’s death.

According to the old reports Netaji flew out from Taiwan on August 18, 1945. Netaji was badly burned in the crash,and his body was cremated within two days. Lieutenants never saw Netaji’s body, and there are no photographs and also no death certificate. The Indian government appointed one commission to study Bose’s death, and all of them concluded that he died in Taiwan. From decades, India is haunted by the mystery of Netaji’s Disappearance. Some people claim he may have survived the plane crash. The Indian government appointed more than one commission to study Bose’s death and all of them concluded that Bose had died in Taiwan. All the records confirmed his death in a hospital in Taipei after the Japanese military aircraft crashed straightaway after takeoff. And all this evidence has been brought together in Ashis Ray’s book, and he provided the final authoritative proof of Bose’s death in August 1945.

Reports are filled with dark conspiracies. Cut marks and dark blue spots on his body at the time of his deathraised several doubts, but in reality, nopost-mortem was conducted. Laid to Rest book by Ashis Ray brought together all the proof of the Netaji’s death. His charisma makes people believe he is still alive. You can also watch the movie The Tashkent files on YouTube or Amazon prime to know more about the mystery.


  1. The Ghost Village of Kuldhara

Do you believe in superstitions? The ghost village of Kuldhara is abandoned and cursed for over 200 years, and this village has a Tale to Tell.In Kuldhara uncanny prevails all around and people about 200 years ago abandon this village. The Diwan of Jaisalmer set his eyes on the good-looking daughter of the village chief. Diwan told the villagers that he would levy huge taxes on them. Due to the fear of Diwan, the residents of the village one dark night left their homes behind. No one saw the villagers going, there is still the mystery where the thousands of villagers resettled. The gate of the Kuldhara is closed by the locals of the neighboring village when the sun goes down as they believe supernatural forces take over. People think that ghosts of Kuldhara still haunts the place. Paranormal Society of New Delhi itself witnessed activities like footsteps on the mud, haunting voices, moving shadows and scratches on a car. People believe curse stays true till date as the town is still barren and uninhabited. There is a rumor; whosoever tries to stay in the village dies a brutal death. This village is beholding a dark secret it is said to be cursed and haunted, the mystery is still looked-for to be discovered. The mystery continues to hold, and no one is aware of the reason of mass disappearance of over 1500 people. People are permitted to enter the village only during daylight. The Rajasthan Government is trying to reconstruct the long-lost town.

here-is-your-chanceHere is your chance to solve the mystery, share with us if you’re aware of the answers behind the unsolved mysteries. Comment down below and tell us did you also get amused after reading these Mind-Boggling facts about Unsolved Mysteries. 

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